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Scelestus Imperium has always been a secret organization. Hidden from the eyes or the public and most other organizations throughout the galaxy. They were formed by an unlikely group of compatriots that were, and are still, loyal to the Empire. After discovering a powerful holocron from one, Darth Gamus, the group became seekers of holocrons of power. Naming themselves, Scelestus Imperium, the group grew in numbers and shrived for many years until vanishing for an unknown reason.

Following the events on Yavin and Ziost, the group came out of hiding. Their prized holocron had activated, gaining the attention of the group's founders, Rendis Orross and Drohgaal. Having recently obtained a dreadnought harrower following their bombardment and destruction of SaxusCorp, they were in a position to reveal themselves to the galaxy.

The events of Yavin did not only activate their holocron, but also awoke another. Deep within the caves of Yavin laid another holocron. Generating and pulling at power sources around it, it eventually attracted a group of Revanites to it's location. Among those revanites was Draegas. He discovered the holocron and began a study of it. The holocron would offer him visions, one of which lead him to Scelestus Imperium. It had been calling to the holocron they had in their possession.

This new holocron that Draegas discovered proved to be a cypher to the one Scelestus Imperium had been protecting for many years. Draegas soon joined Scelestus Imperium and became a Council member along side Rendis and Drohgaal. With the cypher in hand, they continue their once anicent agenda of seeking out other holocrons of power.

To fund such an expedition, Scelestus Imperium can be viewed by the rest of the galaxy as an organization of problem solvers for hire. These jobs fund their interior missions and research development into the holocrons of power and their locations.


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Rendis, Roleplay Lead
Mavari, Legatus
Worv, Legatus
Grimmuss, Operations Lead
Draegas, Operations Lead

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