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The ancient Sith Holocron sat undisturbed within the conclave. The pyramid shaped object was etched with strange symbols and hieroglyphs. It's surface remained free of debris and dust although it had not been touched for several lifetimes. At the apex rested a black crystal, carved with perfection and eminating a dark presence. The crystal's intircate lattices and vertices stored an unknown amount of information. Also within the crystal was the holocron's Sith gatekeeper, the cognitive essence of whomever crafted the holocron. Only the most powerful Sith masters are capable of performing the Rite of Commencement, the task of trapping one's essence within the crystal.

From inside the chamber a small light at the end of the hall emerged as a thin line edging the floor. The light slowly expanded from what would be a doorway hidden in the face of the stone wall. As the room flooded with light, the neglected artifacts scattered about were bathed in a bright radiance. From outside of the opening several shadows converged upon the rediscovered entrance. Voices from these figures urged caution to one another as they slowly entered the massive tomb-like room. The holocron, previously dark and lifeless, began to glow dimly in a red hue and pulse with energy. This dark energy was felt by each of the individuals both physically and emotionally.

Locked inside the holocron was a mysterious knowledge that held a value to the Sith beyond any sum of credits. To non-force users a holocron was a means to wealth and notoriety. Throughout the course of history there have been many Sith and Jedi holocrons discovered. Yet there remains a great number that have been lost among the vast expanse of the galaxy. It is believed that among them is a holocron that contains a knowledge worth more than anything else in existence. The secrets of this holocron are greatly desired and many will stop at nothing to obtain them.

Several years after the Treaty of Coruscant, the rumors of an ultimate power circulated throughout the galaxy. Citizens of the Republic and the Empire commonly dismissed holocrons as mere trinkets, puzzles containing nothing more than the rantings of zealots. Others, in much smaller and more reclusive circles, believed otherwise. Those believers spent their every waking moment in search of such a holocron and even believed to have found one. Calling themselves "Scelestus Imperium", they have scoured the galaxy in shadows and are believed to have faded completely some time ago.

With the emergence of the Eternal Empire, the rumors have begun stirring once again... and an ancient group rises from the ashes.


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